Friday, December 11, 2009

Game in a day 1

Well, not much going on in Darkened Dreams 2 right now because we're gearing up to do a game in a day! We're going to be getting together tomorrow and trying to crank out a game. More info next week!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just a heads up....

It's been nearly a year after I stopped working at Sensory Sweep (still haven't been paid my back wages yet). There's a news article that came out today that tells what's been happening with that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dark Cloud....Not that bad

Just as I was getting ready to move onto a different game my stubborn streak came out and I was determined to finish Dark Cloud. I was annoyed at my stubborn streak but I guess that's all that's keeping me still working on DD2 (yes, I AM still working on it!) so I guess it's alright.

Once I got Ruby, the genie, on my team things got a lot better. She's a ranged fighter that does decent damage. Ranged is important in Dark Cloud because those weapons don't wear out so fast. I basically only used her whenever I had a choice. This cleared up a lot of the stress in the game and I started having fun figuring out how to level up and modify the weapons. I stopped working on the main character because his melee hits would still take a lot of damage while fighting. Plus he still looks stupid.

Still, if you have a team of characters to play with you shouldn't be forced to use the other characters. Especially when there is no story, rhyme or reason as to why they should be used. A "mysterious force" making me play a certain way just makes me annoyed, as well as having arbitrary gaps in the floor that make me switch players to the cat girl to jump over it and immediately switch back to the player that I like playing as.

The bottom line is, after I got Ruby the game became fun. I am actually interested in getting the next game after I finish the other games I got. Also, it was good to know that the real Dark Genie (spoiler?) actually looked pretty cool.

But onto Darkened Dreams! I got abilities working in and out of battle so that's cool. Trying to decide what to work on next. Peter and I are getting together next week to try to make a game in a day. Should be interesting!