Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back when the map-maker was finished...

A while back I finished making the map maker. It's nice and easy to use, though it does require the user to draw a map with an art program to really get use out of it. Then I found a library to use for making games. (I'm using XNA, which means that it could possibly be ported to the Xbox360's live service.)

Anyways, I got some programming done with XNA and set up a small character that could move around and have a scrolling background. This was enough for me to figure out how to make the map work and scroll correctly, but it turns out that chunking up the map is the best way to make it work.

So before I can get the map working, I need to completely rewrite the map maker. But I think it will be better than before, since it will be possible for people to just use tiles that have already been made to make new maps.


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