Thursday, April 10, 2008

Munchies and Bling

Almost done with the item maker! I'm currently working on the food, which will be followed up by armor and clothing.

The big question is . . . can armor and clothing co-exist?

The bonus of having clothing instead of armor is that it can hold more powerful enchantments than armor can. Common sense dictates that you can put on a chain mail shirt on top of a cloth shirt, but common sense also dictates that wearing an iron helm and a baseball cap is rather silly.

The two easiest scenarios are as follows . . .

1. Each armor and clothing use a location guide and each location can only have either a piece of armor or some clothing in it.

2. Each armor and clothing use a location guide and each location can have both a piece of armor and some clothing in it.

Either one spits in the face of common sense. This results in a Califer that fuddles around trying to find the best solution.

Darn me and my commitment to excellence!



The Mirci Family said...

Is this for your job or extra on the side stuff? I oviously don't understand it but....It looks cool.

Darkened Dreams Team said...

This is an extra on-the-side thing. Even if we're making games at work it may not always be the game that we want to make. For example, Peter and I have always wanted to make a tactics game, but it doesn't look like we're going to be making one at the day-job any time soon. Who knows, maybe we'll make one of those later.

But yeah, this is all for fun.