Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hooray for posts noone will read!

Hi, this is Peter reporting for the week!

Since I think I'm the only one who reads Califer's posts, that means noone will read this.
But the vitally important task of reporting the week's progress on Darkened Dreams 2 falls upon my humble shoulders nonetheless...

Califer probably hasn't done anything, he's on vacation.

I have done very little also, except that I am filling up a sketchbook with drawings of all the monsters for the game... I think I've done 8 or so of the 130 monster drawings, and I haven't colored any yet, so there's lots left to do!

The monsters will be simple stills, and probably a few battle effect animations will play on top of them when they fight. They might shake and flicker when they get hit or fall in battle, that kind of thing. It's a similar style of fighting animations to Final Fantasy 1-6 or any Pokemon game.


Edit (July 15)-I misspelled Hooray as Horay... one of those important words my elementary school conveniently forgot to give a spelling test on.


Anonymous said...

well i'd just like to post and say i read the posts xD

Topaze said...

Heya Peter, Its Jess one of Curtis firends. i was just wondring if i could help with the art work, im okay at art e-mail me at just tell me something to draw but if not just e-mail me saying your not looking for Drawers, thanks.


Califer said...

You're stealing my thunder, Peter :P I usually don't get comments but you've got three now!


Hiddnfox said...

I too read these posts. Of course I did make a map (and it took me 200 months!)