Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Survived a week!

Since I got IM'd asking how I was holding up under all of the stress, I think I should give an update.

Schedule has been changed to next week for the testing, and with a 1/200 chance I'm not really worried.

The offer was accepted for the house, and they ran a 72 hour clause to see if the people in first position would give up and let us buy it. So we should have known last night, but still no response. We have decided on what we will do if it's a no though, so we're not really stressed about that anymore.

We're finishing one of the games that we're working on tomorrow, which means it will be a late night. That's why I'm posting tonight instead. Not that I really mind. After we get a build ready for the testers to find problems with we have about an hour in which not a whole lot is happening on our end so it's a good chance to play games with each other. Plenty of games in our library at work :)

After I showed the professor how my lesson plan worked he was really happy with it. So I decided that I wouldn't change how I had chapter 4 planned, but did go back and change a section or two of chapter 3 because of the meeting. I got back just ten minutes before class started.

As for the actual game, I haven't worked on it this week to get it ready. I've worked on the book to get all the previous chapters ready for review and I've got some work done on chapter 4. When the walking around is ready I'll take a video of it to show that progress is actually being made!


P.S. Peter, when are you going to post again?

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