Friday, January 30, 2009

Going the Distance

There's a big problem with trying to display the map as top down, but the top screen as side-view. That problem is that we need to show how the map matches up with the top screen. I've set up a system so that if you are far away from the item it appears in the distance at 1/4 the size, and when you get close enough it moves to a closer position. When I got it all working I tested it out and . . . it's busy. Really busy. Once the animals and such get added in it'll be a real mess. So now I need to undo all that stuff and get a new way to do it.

Peter had a good idea of how to handle it, and one of my friends from IGDA had another one. I'm going to try using the both of them to help get the idea across. Once that's all set up it's time to make the animals/monsters do the same!


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