Thursday, February 12, 2009

Achievement Unlocked!

We've got some good news! Darkened Dreams now takes up the first two slots in a Google search! Take THAT, emo poetry!

Also, a week or so ago I visited the local Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA) meeting and showed off what I've got for Darkened Dreams 2 so far. Two bloggers made mention of us! Check out Tales of the Rampant Coyote and MonkeyTime. Be sure to check them out, they were both pretty positive in their previews.

As for what's been going on here, I've been sick the last few days, as has my wife. Fortunately we've been able to keep little Celeste from getting sick. I haven't got a lot done, but I did notice that moving around wasn't quite to my liking so I've cleaned it up a bit. I'm hoping to have enough time to get the monsters to move around on their own before Saturday, but unfortunately I can't promise anything.


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