Thursday, August 28, 2008

It walks, it lives!!!

Walking on the map works! It's very basic at the moment, but it works! When it's working all the way I'll get that movie made like I was talking about.

Recently I've decided to play all the final fantasy games in a row (skipping 11). I've just beat 1 and started on 2. The way that final fantasy 2 handles leveling up is quite interesting. There are no levels, but your stats increase according to how you've been playing. The more often you use magic the more MP you will have, the more you get hurt the more HP you'll get. I like those kind of leveling systems, and will probably make a game that uses a system like that sometime.

But I'm not going to make that for Darkened Dreams. That kind of leveling system just wouldn't work with classes.

Well, back to coding!

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